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Over the last few decades, LACOM has built up solid bonds with renowned exporters throughout the Far East. We import direct, thus ensuring quality, regards origin, production and trade. We welcome you to the incredible world of silver jewelry and precious stones.


Our core business is in stirling silver jewelry, much of which incorporates high quality precious stones. For many years LACOM has offered consumers a wide range of jewelry, constantly renewed to reflect current trends. Our distinction lies in the unique identity of our selection, we offer a wide range of symbolic items along with a high degree of exclusivity and eccentricity. In essence we offer jewelry with character.

Where from?
LACOM buys all jewelry ‘first-hand’. This enables us to determine the craftsmanship and authenticity of all products. Where from? We go to where fellow importers have spent years trying to discover, to where gemstones and precious metals are still worked to create unique jewelry and to where jewelry with spirit is made that doesnt end up being sent to the western world by the truckload.


Our jewelry incorporates many precious stones such as moonstone, labradorite, turquoise and tiger eye. The nature of each stone, whether facetted or polished then embedded in silver, gives each piece its own particular character, along with a tangible added value for the wearer.

All stones have traditional, cultural and emotional meanings associated with them. For more insights one can simply do an online search on each stone. Lacom stocks thousands of silver pendants that convey a particular meaning. These range from symbols of a Celtic or Buddhist origin, to Greek mythology and western fairytales. We also import ethnic and fantasy jewelry.


Mainly from Nepal, India and African countries, we offer authentic and original, ethnic jewelry. These are made from natural materials such as horn, bronze, leather, copper, glass and shell. in addition, we also offer jewelry made from resin. Our jewelry differs greatly from more low priced mass-produced alternatives.

80% of our jewelry range is made from sterling silver with precious stones or pure sterling silver jewelry – thus without stones (3). Here one can also find a permanent inventory of numerous silver beads and accessories for the DIY enthousiast. Our showrooms in Utrecht and Brussels are also spacious enough for the presentation and sale of bronze statues, mainly buddhist in nature. We can also offer our customers presentation materials for the shop display of rings, earrings, necklaces etc.

We get many requests for the supply of large runs of amulets, relationship-gifts, necklaces or medallions in silver or other materials. Therefore, through our reliable contacts, we can offer tailor-made items in larger runs/series at very competitive prices. Any model/item in silver can be multiplied.


The prices of our products are based on their redemption value which is directly linked to the world market prices of the raw materials, such as silver, gold, bronze and copper. These market prices are publicly available and just as exchange rates, they fluctuate daily. LACOM regularly recieves information on these price fluctuations and consequently adjusts prices accordingly. Price changes can go one of two ways: they can increase, but also drop. Between 2009 and 2012, they have risen, while from 2012 to 2015 there has been a substantial fall in prices.


– short lines, direct import
– competitive pricing, linked to the world market prices of silver and gold
– a large stock and choice, always up-to-date
– sale directly from stock
– a customer-oriented service before, during and after purchase
– permanent focus on new developments
– hand picked selection of jewelry from countries of the Far East and direct import
– inexhaustible involvement with those working within the heart of the business.

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